Swamp Life, a haiku by Drem

For some strange reason, at 6AM this morning while being completely sleep deprived and petting my cat who was having a nightmare, I remembered a haiku I wrote about four years ago.

Disclaimer: I hate haikus. I feel I have too much to say. I am too dramatic. I am too prolific. I am a living baroque hallway. I am too much for a haiku. But, I had to write it.
Background: I grew up in swamp land and remember feeling the cool earth worms, having them crawl up my arm which acted like a small ice cube . I remember how cold they were compared to me.


If it connected with you, let me know.


Little Earth Worm, a haiku by Drem

Written 2011


Cold, smell of nothing

I wish I were you right now

Earthworm in summer

13 thoughts on “Swamp Life, a haiku by Drem

  1. I don’t like Haikus either. I feel they limit what the poet wants to say.

    Anyway, great job though. I feel like this could be part of a greater poem.

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      1. Miss! or Drem Girl. I like Drem Girl. Someone called me that on here. I can’t get away with being a girl for much longer. Soon I’ll be 30 and my life as i know it will be over.


      2. You know how it is. Once you turn 20, then 21, then 22, then 23, then 24, after that is 25. All of a sudden, the next year you’re 30.


      3. Its not about number its how you spend those years. You are surrounded by good people that can make the years good.


  2. Truthfully? I wish I was that earthworm in winter. It’s blindingly hot and humid here at the moment. I just want some [INSERT EXPLETIVE] relief! 😛

    Very cool little haiku, Drem. It says exactly what it needs to say which is “I wish I wasn’t me.” Perfectly expressed and with a brevity that acts as a pleasing contrast with your equally excellent longer pieces.

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    1. Ah, Tony! You are lucky to live in warmer weather. The East Coast is dreadful. One day it’s cold. Then it’s warm. But, I’m the type that’s always cold the minute September comes. ty ty for reading (: I wish I can find my other haikus. One was about sucking on honeysuckles. It was a short series on summer swamp life.

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