The Least You Could Do, by Drem


This is why I hate holidays.

The Least You Could Do, by Drem

September 5, 2016


“I hide my scars.

I hide my burns

I hide in black.

I hide my black and blues.

I hide the dark circles

under my eyes.

I hide my pills.

I hide my voice.

I’m in the corner of your ugly expensive

recently renovated house

wearing a sweatshirt

in the middle of summer

eating burnt tofu dogs and black bean burgers.

The least you could do is not start shit with me

over nothing.

Because we both know I’m at my limit

of pretending.

I’m about to rip up your bullshit world.

Fake as fake could be.

Tear it all into confetti

and blow it at your face.

Followed by a middle finger in the air

on your red brick steps

not giving a fuck

about what your la-la guests

or la-la neighbors think

in your la-la land.”


8 thoughts on “The Least You Could Do, by Drem

  1. This piece really really reminds me of Aimee Allen’s second album, where she is very smoothly and you too Drem is saying “Wtf is wrong with lies,bs and dont try and save me, coz no one can but me.”

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  2. Oh, wow. I just saw some of your image compilations that never loaded for me before. I really love those album art comparisons to today’s popular artists updating those throwback looks. Look how beautiful they are! I think I forgot to add “Somewhere My Love” to my songlist; I might, although it’s also a bit haunting, being the theme music to the “Dark Shadows” tv show, which kinda scared me, as a kid! So, maybe I might not! Ha-ha!


    1. Ah you have found my Instagram! I hope to post more stuff on there.
      I started collecting old vinyl records because I go to the Salvation Army for stuff and there are loads of them there.

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