One last goodbye with loving words



“Are the answers in the stars above us or in the fallen stardust?”

-Drem 2016 (c)

Drem, the trauma poet behind ArtOfDrem, has closed (not swiped) this site down for privacy concerns.

She may be paranoid.

She may finally be in reality.

“The world is often too loud. Bright and fuzzy and mean and gross and colorful, now.”

-Drem 2016 (c)

It’s been about a year of ups and downs that she has shared with you,

all the while being brutally honest to make it clear You Are Not Alone.

Please continue to #WriteToHeal, friends.

“You are not alone in your feelings of hollowness or filled to the brim darkness.

And you’re not alone in your tears,

in your heavy heart,

in your shell absence of light and love,

or in your feelings of loneliness.

All along you haven’t been alone.

I’m reaching for you.

I’m real and so are you.

You aren’t alone.

You are not alone.

I’m here— hold my hand.

-Drem 2016 (c)

You may still find work published in “related posts”.

She didn’t delete what she had up.

It’s just now not linked anywhere on the homepage.

Drem still has Drem’s Instagram up and it will be updated. @_drem__

And, you can contact her through email:

Feel free to keep in touch!

She is still working on her book(s) that this site was made of (RIP).

This may reopen in the future.

She doesn’t hate you. Things have just changed, for the better.

“In the confines of peace your mind will forever be free and your soul will forever be restful.”

-Drem 2016 (c)

Be in peace, friends.

Again, remember you are not alone.





(First person now) I got a great job and am now pursuing a graduate degree while working on my book. So, things are working out for me after all.

I hope I made this goodbye as jam packed with hope, inspiration and love for you… ❤


I’m in a town where the sun never goes down.

 I’m in a town where crumbling roofs’ water the grass carpets. 

 I’m in a town that has dreams which are

as wild and wistful as a handful of blown dandelions.

 Finally. I made it.

-Drem 2016 (c)

12 thoughts on “One last goodbye with loving words

  1. I hope things will continue to go well for you. You deserve happiness. And I (continue to)wish you a lot of happiness, strength and love. Thank you for sharing the past year.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations on all of good news and the current path you are on. You can achieve anything!! I enjoyed reading your work. Can’t wait for the book! I want a signed copy.

    Liked by 1 person

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