Hello from Ghost, a poem by Drem

Inspiration: I’m my harshest critic…

Also, this poem has nothing to do with Adele’s Hello song. Now I’m listening to Adele’s latest album, “25”. Great. Now I’m getting depressed. She shouldn’t have titled it ,”25″. It should be called, “I’m actually 27 and This Album Is To Make You Question The Point Of Your Pathetic Life And BTW You’re A Shithead.”

Now, back to the poem… 🙂


Hello From Ghost, a poem from Drem

June 22, 2015

“I want to separate

from my body

to say, “hello”

and see me,

actually see me,

to be the closest thing

to objectively critiquing


I want to be my own ghost,

to haunt my own shell,

to finally see

what I am

in others’ eyes.

I want to hover above

a hollowed me

with no insides,

and no mind.

I’m all up here now

inspecting my hair,

and my face,

and how I look when I sleep,

and how I look when I’m dead,

and how I look when I dream.

I said, “hello,”

and got no reply.

I said, “hello,”


Still no damn reply.

I’m quiet, I guess,

when I’m without the ability

to physically


I lay so still,

I guess,

when I can’t physically move my physical body.

And I can’t see my own ghost

because I took both my eyes

when I left


that world,

and that old blind life of mine.

I was a ghost then,

keep in mind.

No one saw me.

And I’m a ghost now.

There’s no difference, really,

in this purgatory…

or is this hell?

I at least can see me now,


can gaze upon

my shell

for the first time


and unbiasedly.

Too bad that body

has no eyes

or mind

to know what it’s like

to be noticed

and wanted

and have attention 

paid to,

to feel desired,

and admired

admired for all the right reasons.

To feel love

for itself.

But I was a ghost then,

and I’m a ghost now.

There’s no difference, really.

And after time,

and time,

and time,

and more time,

the satisfaction I’m receiving

will wane

because I’ll realize I had been looking

at a soulless face.

And that

was never me.”

18 thoughts on “Hello from Ghost, a poem by Drem

      1. Oh. It’s okay. Maybe some other time if you’re really tired. 😊 thank you for responding 😊


  1. It’s beautiful. I remember reading somewhere about trying to imagine yourself as a 10 year old. What would you say to her? You would obviously say that she is beautiful and intelligent. All those negative things you think about yourself will not spring up. You are worthy. No matter what. You need to see your own self worth. I love this poem!

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  2. I’m listening to one of my favourite songs right now, and it’s something I put on whenever I want to feel a little better about myself. There’s this delicate piano part in the middle of it that kind of dismantles me every time… then builds me up again. It’s weird that I would then turn around and tear myself down with highly damaging self talk not long after.

    Not sure why I told you that. I think your poem got me thinking about such things. I really like it. It’s sad, but truthful.


    1. I do the same thing. Why are our minds against us?
      I think you told me, because it’s in my poem and I am my words so you know it’s me and you know you’re not alone and I won’t judge you. Does that make any sense? I don’t know. I’m kind of out of it. I had a bunch of sugar and am crashing like a three year old.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think you’re right. Thanks for not judging! 🙂

        (Nothin’ wrong with crashing like a three year old every so often. Sugar is the great enabler!) 😛


      2. Yup! In a big comfy chair. Trying to put out a poem because I have like barely any views so far for Wednesday.
        Train is on TV. I’m having a moment now. xD


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