A guy’s thoughts on the ‘Thigh Gap’

… I’d like to formally ask Santa Claus for a man like this for Christmas.

Also, no hate to women who naturally have a thigh gap. I am completely for accepting ALL body types. I am just happy to hear a supportive voice from a heterosexual male that it’s okay for all women not to have one, dispelling the myth that beauty can only be obtained by the male eye if one has the coveted gap. Now, analyzing that sentence makes me sound anti-feminist. Yet, I constantly do judge myself through the eyes of men. Whether on the street or within my own family. THAT IS NOT HEALTHY. Women should love themselves and take pride in themselves for attributes other than mere appearances.

Take pride in all that you do, my fellow women. Fight the media. Love starts in the soul.


Straight Talking Fitness

Apparently you ladies want to have your own thigh gap?

Apparently it represents health, happiness and even sexiness?

Apparently if you’re a chick without a thigh gap, you’re less of a woman, right?

That’s the thigh gap fad talking. Not me. 

Enjoying the company of some girls the other day, they referred to a magazine image that supposedly portrayed “feminine perfection” – or words to that effect.

I’m not sure of the exact image, but it looked a little something like this……………

Okay okay, maybe I’m stretching it a touch…………….

Yes. That’s more like it! There’s your classic, stereotypical thigh gap magazine type image.

“Wouldn’t it be great to have legs like that?!”

“Oh HELL yeah! Guys love it!”

Hang on a minute!

Being a relatively young and heterosexual guy, if there was ever a time my input could or would be relevant, it was now. And if that didn’t…

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11 thoughts on “A guy’s thoughts on the ‘Thigh Gap’

    1. I am waiting for Santa to bring me a man who appreciates a woman who isn’t a twig! Counting down the days till Christmas. And I hate holidays but I want that to be wrapped under, wait i’m not having a tree. Just downstairs. With a puppy in his hands. (No hate towards very thin women. I’m just not twiggy. At all.)

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  1. I’m a twig but it’s a genetic thing. My sister is taller and thinner and our mother is super curvy. Women who exude confidence and presence are lovely no matter what their form. I’m from a culture where curvy was the ideal. So I grew up with the opposite of this issue.

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    1. I agree. I just don’t like beauty standards that a woman must look a certain way, especially with the thigh gap that lead many women to unhealthy eating habits. In my family, I was the weird one. I had to wear bra “minimizers” because I had “too big” a chest. Same with my bottom. I felt awful for having a “curvy” figure. I still deal with self-acceptance. I try to drown out the negative noise but I can’t help it. You are right that no matter the form we are all lovely.

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    2. I’ll never forget one of my male family members calling my ass a “shelf”. I must have been 14. It wasn’t that big even. Just compared to the women in my family, the fact I had any meat anywhere meant I was different. An other.

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      1. It is inappropriate for any man to make that remark about parts of your body. Having a bum is fantastic, so just love it. Having boobs is great, too. Owning your beauty is the first step to conquering the world.

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